SinterKlass is Coming to Town

Weekends at The Old Dutch

…and lo, the good St. Nicholas came riding over the tops of the trees in that selfsame wagon wherein he brings his yearly presents to children… from: Washington Irving, The History of New York from the Beginning of Time to the End of the Dutch Dynasty.

As the seasons change at the Old Dutch Church, we leave the characters of the Legend tucked away for the winter and our attention moves to a season more in keeping with the purpose of this place – Advent. And this calls to mind the story of Sinterklaas, familiar to the Dutch, but until the early 19th century, largely unknown to the rest of America. For nestled amongst the pages of Washington Irving’s 1809 satirical work, “A History of New York”, is America’s first glimpse of the Dutch St Nicholas, whom the author claims rides over tree-tops with his toy-laden wagon, and “rattles…

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